Displacement Hulls are nothing new. Whether it was Greg Liddle, Greenough, Michael Cundith or Wayne Lynch, they have been around for years and guys have quietly been going about their business riding them and having a blast.

Vouch Displacement Hulls are made to surf more types of waves than you’re average intense hull design, rails have a little more volume and the amount of belly in the nose is reduced from some others interpretations. This helps them perform in anything from head high lined up walls, to junky beach breaks.

Of course they do need to be surfed a certain way, and if you don’t know how, then check out this clip!

These boards are all about rider enjoyment and even when a displacement hull is surfed well, it rarely yields much visual enjoyment to a viewer watching from the beach. Once you get this feeling while riding, you will understand and may never want to go back.

Comes standard with a 9” Hull Vouch volan flex fin and volan side bites.

Lengths from 5’4” to 7’4”.