Vouch Flex Fins – BUY NOW

All our fins are made by Larry Allison in California, from 6oz. Volan cloth and all feature our special foil. This foil has a blunt leading edge to stiffen the base and front edge of the fin, leaving the trailing edge and tip to be free to flex as the water moves over it. Basically has a tonne of drive but flexes when pushed hard and will twang back as you start coming out of a turn.

L – R: 

Displacement Hull side bite – to be used as side bites on wider tailed Displacement Hulls, where just that little extra bit of bite helps them through turns and drive off the bottom.

$70 per set – BUY NOW

9” Displacement Hull Volan Flex Fin – Our everyday fin for Displacement Hulls, this fin works perfect as a single fin or coupled with the side bites. Can also be used in shorter Rolled Vee #3’s. More upright template for supreme drive off the bottom which is the order of the day with any Displacement Hull.

$150 each – BUY NOW

9.5” Greenough-ish Volan Flex Fin – Based off a Greenough 4A template, the full base on this fin helps keep the board nice and stable when on the nose, but a gentle tapering, flexible tip helps spring you out of turns and obtain instant gratification. Perfect for logs and also longer 8 foot mid lengths.

$150 each – BUY NOW 

9.75” Velzy-ish Volan Flex Fin – Based off an original Velzy template, this fin is pure magic. Works in everything from 7 foot up to 9 foot. This is our flagship fin for our Rolled Vee’s. Springy off the bottom and holds through turns to slingshot you back out into the next section, my favourite fin of all time.

$150 each – BUY NOW