We felt it was time to offer up something a little different than our standard run of shorter and mid length alternatives. Hutcho is a freak of nature and when we started talking about doing a new noserider, or “Noseboard” as we like to call it here at the factory, we felt like it wasn’t necessary to re-invent the wheel, so we just went about making a nice, simple outline that we know that works. Pulled the nose in a touch, but still with more than enough width to perch yourself up there. Refined, neutral rails to help the thing be nice and lively when on rail, as so many modern day “logs” tend not to be. And added a touch of teardrop concave in the nose to aid with keeping you above the water when you start getting to the tip through critical sections of the wave (which is where all noseriding should be done, really)
All these things have been blended by Paul into one of the most visually pleasing boards that we have ever created. Simple works, and this is a perfect example of that.